Saturday, August 13, 2011

A1A Burrito Works

As we approached the Surf Shack were greeted by Otto Rocket who was sitting tanned and shirtless by the "to go" window.  He flashed us a toothy grin as he hopped off the stool and onto his long board and skated away; his sun bleached blond hair flowing behind him.  We opened the screen door and stood inside the small vestibule to make an order.
 We were waited on at the counter by Tito who must have recently lost a lot of weight as I hardly recognized him.  We ordered a beef burrito and the fish tacos, both "Baja Style" and with "The Works".  Tito asked me how hot I wanted my tacos from 1 to 10.  I played it safe and chose 5.  Raymundo and Reggie worked the grill feverishly and we exited to the dinning areas to wait for our orders.
 There are a couple of dinning areas: the al fresco picnic area beneath the palms, the inside and outside counters and the screened in dinning room.  We chose the dining room.  My wife headed off to the car and returned with some wet wipes to clean the sun tan oil off the bench seat.  Such is beach life.  We watched a truck full of teens (friends of Reggie's perhaps) pile out of the vehicle and kick the sand off their feet.  They threw on some tees and beach dresses and made themselves presentable, sitting at the picnic tables as not to get sand on the sand.
 Our order popped out the delivery window as Raymundo called out our name.  I hopped up and had to make two trips as the burrito was substantial and I couldn't handle it along with two orders of tacos.  I dropped the food onto the table, the burrito making a thud, and we proceeded to chow.
 The tacos were good and I was able to sample both varieties.  I preferred the Baja as the cabbage stayed crisper. The fish was a little dry but the sauce was tasty.  5 was just right, though I may venture to 7 next time.  The burrito was a challenge and I was able to see the inside as it was dissected and the premium fillings were cherry picked.  The beef was shredded vs. ground and had a nice flavor.  The chips that accompanied the burrito were very good and I contemplated an order with salsa for under two bucks.  Next time...
 We cleaned up, my wife leaving the table better than we found it, and headed out the door.  We drove off, destination beach, our stomachs happy.  I never did see Twister.  Maybe it was his day off?

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